Parsons Environmental Services welcome all asbestos enquiries regardless of size .

Our management team have almost 20 years experience in Asbestos removal and abatement within the HSE licenced asbestos industry.  They are highly qualified in Health & Safety and in the preparation of Method Statements and Risk Assessments.

Our site teams are qualified to an industry leading standard and have a minimum of 5 years experience.

All removal and repair work is undertaken in accordance with the HSE Guidance (CAR2012 and HSG210).

Every project we undertake is accompanied by a detailed Method Statement and Risk Assessment.

Asbestos Encapsulation

If in good condition and removal is not necessary; convenient or possible then encapsulation may be the option for you.  We can seal the asbestos containing material using specialist encapsulating products to ensure the safety of the material.

Asbestos Disposal

As a licencedEnvironment Agency Waste Carrier all asbestos waste will be disposed of at a fully licenced specialist asbestos transfer station.  A copy of the disposal documentation will be provided as proof of safe and legal disposal.